Love is Blind, but What About Silence

I’ve been told more times than once “love is blind”… I’d be dumb if I said I didn’t agree though, I think there is another side to that statement.

Certain situations I have definitely let “love” get in the way of how I really felt no matter the type of relationship. But the real instigator is silence.

I have really never been shy about words I let roll from my mouth, more blunt if you will. Though, when something really matters I find myself biting my tongue preventing the truth from coming out… well more like nothing at all. I believe that started as a young girl and not really being able to voice my opinions or how I really felt or thought about something.

Anyway, over the last several months I am led to believe that non silence holds the key to truth, relief and you guessed it LOVE. I must confess that me being silent for so long has closed many doors that God has left wide open for me to walk through. The part that is even worse is the moment that I gathered enough confidence up to speak about the matter is I realized it was too late. I keep playing the same scenario over and over again in my head – only to come back to square one, reset.

At times it is a tough pill to swallow but the one thing that keeps getting dropped on my heart and mind is patience.

Maybe there was a reason for me not opening my mouth, or heck even paying more attention? Maybe that reason was patience in timing, God’s timing? Putting my trust in who controls all is my best choice.

Moving on,

Before I go getting mixed up in everything silence to me is like blind love. Scared to say something cause it may ruin a situation or what you have going on, or even being to worried that you may not be good enough for someone… I suppose that is why it is important to “know your worth” and the value of self-worth.

All in all, as they say if you don’t know history it will repeat itself. Well the same goes for skeletons and truth. If you don’t tell or reveal them, your words will figure out a way to get out and sometimes it could be a little too late or way harder to explain than it should be. Please, before you try to go out on a whim and be real with someone else you should first be real with yourself, ALWAYS.




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