Born for Greatness

Which road will you choose?

Will you choose the road that perhaps your parents, teacher or even a counselor thought was best for you… maybe even this one right in front of you,  “oh this is a nice, COOL picture” or will you choose the road less traveled. Yeah you on the other side of the screen or piece of glass you are reading from – you choose!

So many people have the mentality of, “I’ll follow you, you’re the leader” which I think is accurate but only in particular circumstances. How about taking a leap of faith and going where you heart is guiding you to go verses where EVERYONE else thinks you should go.

Yes, most people in your life have their best interest for you, though sometimes you still have to step out and do you, be you, for you.


I believe that there is a theory to success a stigma even in society today. People that are successful come from good homes, they are smarter than everyone else, he/she figured out there way to greatness or fame by using cheat codes… The “theory to success” is you AND ONLY YOU. It’s what you encompass in your mind, heart and body to just go out and win.

One of the biggest influences in my life is self-reflection. During this time I am not bashing myself because “I could have had a better day”, instead I am preparing myself for the next day so “if” I were to come across a situation I could eliminate it immediately. Self-reflection has launched me into a whole new arena of life – a life of hope that I am worthy and grateful for all of the blessing that I have coming my way. My reflections daily gives me the inspiration to sit down a write these paragraphs of words only 2 years ago I would have thought as pointless.

Everything I do I like to challenge MYSELF cause I am not in a competition with anyone else. I challenge myself to be better than I was the day before, standing in agreement with the man above to deliver the promises I made to Him. Everyday is a new day that is not promised but expected so I take all I have and give that back.

One of my promises was not to live on this earth as average human being, saddened by struggle and trail, knocked from social norms and status quo’s, derailed because my past  has me ashamed from my mistakes, bitter solely from defeat, scarred from abuse of physicality and rotted from all the wrong that I did. Instead, I wanted to turn that all around and live in victory, live a life of prosperity and joy filled hope because I am called, I was born for greatness.

I have to give some credit where it is owed for getting out of funks that weren’t good for myself so shout out to all of my prayers being answered and genuine people walking in my life and actually making a difference, kisses to the late nights and hard conversations to be had, to the televisions in peoples homes that are never on, not enabling people to slip from reality and into a numb “brain off” state, high five to all my peers that don’t get offended at me when I am “keeping things real” and for books to educate me because sometimes you can’t lean on the shoulder of ignorance from people to proud to even educate themselves, all these factors… you are the real MVP.

Now to slow things down, instead of looking toward’s someone else or placing the blame on others for your struggles and problems look to God and He will correct all that is wronged.

“Dear God, give me strength on this journey that you have called me on, strength to carry your name and wisdom through the winds of opposition, to show that I have full faith in the one that has delivered me, forgiven me and called me to a place and a time such as this”

The only person keeping you from greatness…

Is yourself



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