Time to Move On

The subtle signs are everywhere…

Those moments that you feel you have to succumb to life and things that may conflict you, STOP!

“Your mentality becomes your reality” (Twitter: @lilmissruh)

I recently read this quote in the book “Burn Your Goals”, and it hit me. All the opposition that I have been facing and questioning myself in making a logical decision for my next plan of action was right in front of me. As humans I feel we tend to be oblivious to the obvious, the whole “if it were a snake it would have bit you”, you’ve heard this right?

The revelation I had, the “ah ha” moment was – “you don’t have to be stuck, being stuck is a choice that I am in complete control of changing”. I am not going to get into the full in’s and out’s of the detail’s but I will hit on a few things that I have learned that is totally applicable in every walk of life.

1. Don’t let anyone shake your tree nor your identity

People that “have the best interest for you” or family/friends have this issue with identifying people. I am not exempt to this I am completely guilty but I have recognized this and adjusted. Have you heard or said something along the lines “that’s my friend, he/she is just shy”… PAUSE – This is wrong. If a kid grows up hearing there mom or dad say “he/she is shy”.. what characteristic do you think that will carry with them?


2. ALWAYS-ALWAYS-ALWAYS go with your first mind

Your mind will not defy you. If you feel conflicted with a decision, analyze but ultimate DECIDE. I have struggled with this for years and couldn’t figure out why I was always stuck in a sticky or bad decision. I then decided to be more self aware of not only myself but my surroundings that could effect how I was making a particular decision.

*Self awareness*


3. Success is not average

“If you want to live like others can’t you have to go out and do what others won’t”, remember this… like forever! Step away from average and what everyone else is doing, go and make it an intentional effort to separate yourself. Don’t just settle for a life some else “thinks” you should have, go out and get the life that you know deserve.



Whatever you do – Make YOURSELF proud. Sometimes you just have to clap for yourself and keep it moving.




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